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Vizio P-Series Quantum (PQ65-F1)

Nubia Red Magic is a new gaming smartphone with an LED strip on the back

Nubia Red Magic official

Gaming phones are becoming a thing now thanks to the recent launches of the Razer Phone and the Xiaomi Black Shark, and now ZTE is getting in on the trend with its Nubia sub-brand.

The Nubia Red Magic is now official. Like other gaming phones, the Red Magic has a very aggressive design, complete with sharp angles and a colorful LED strip on its backside.

In terms of specs, the Red Magic is a high-end device. It's available in configurations with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage or 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, it's got a large 6-inch 2160x1080 display, and it's got a 24MP rear camera with f/1.7 aperture. The battery is a large 3,800mAh pack to help you keep going during extended gaming sessions.

Nubia also touts that its Red Magic phone has special features to help with heat dissipation for intense gaming, like the red vents on the back of the device. Nubia has included a special gaming button on the side of the device to give you a performance boost when you need it.

Nubia Red Magic official red

Rounding out the Nubia Red Magic's feature set is an 8MP front-facing camera with wide angle lens, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C, and a rear fingerprint reader. Powering the Nubia Red Magic is a Snapdragon 835 processor.

The Nubia Red Magic will launch in China with Android 8.1 running below a custom user interface. Pricing will start at 2499 yuan ($397 USD) for the 6GB/64GB model and go up to 2999 yuan ($478 USD) for the 8GB/128GB model.

The Nubia Red Magic looks like a nice device, though its aggressive design could turn off some folks if they're not hardcore gamers. The specs are mostly nice, though it'd be better if the Red Magic came with a Snapdragon 845 instead of an 835, and it's good to see that the phone comes with Android 8.1 in tow. Overall this looks like a good addition to the growing gaming smartphone market.

Would you buy the Nubia Red Magic if it were offered in your country?

Nubia Red Magic official side

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Logitech G560

Apple iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy S9+

We put the legendary iPhone X up against the recently released Samsung Galaxy S9+ to help you decide which device is right for you. 

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Verizon Smart Family will let you track your kids' locations, monitor usage, and more

Verizon today launched a new app to help parents monitor their kids and control screen time.

Verizon Smart Family is an updated version of Verizon's previous monitoring tool, FamilyBase. With Verizon Smart Family, you can track your kids' locations and set arrival and departure alerts for certain locations, like school and home.

You can also monitor your kids' phone usage and set limits on the data, texts, and calls that they have access to. If you feel like your kids are using the internet too much or you just want their full attention, you can pause their phone's internet connection at any time.

Verizon Smart Family features

Finally, Verizon Smart Family lets you filter the content that your kids have access to on their phones. You can blog inappropriate apps, games, and websites based on content, like violence, drugs and alcohol, and pornography.

Verizon Smart Family starts at $4.99 per month, which will get you access to content filtering, call, text and purchase limits, and the ability to manage data usage. If you step up to Verizon Smart Family Premium for $9.99 per month, you'll also get the ability to view your kids' locations as well as their web and app activity.

There are Verizon Smart Family apps available for Android and iOS.

This updated Verizon Smart Family service looks like it could be nice for parents. While you can occasionally monitor your kid's phone and apps in person, it can be tough to know what they're doing when they're away from you. Verizon Smart Family lets you keep tabs on their location so you know that they're where they need to be and also monitor what's on their phone and control their usage without you having to touch their device.

Verizon Smart Family app features


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Vizio P-Series (P65-F1)

While Vizio might be known for its value-first priority list, it's no stranger to creating a few powerful, performance-friendly TVs, too. These screens usually fall into the category of Vizio's higher-end P-Series - a rival to the likes of Sony's X900 and X850 lines, or Samsung's 8000, 8500 and 9000 models.

Offering  three types of HDR - HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG  - plus a 4K resolution,  Vizio has managed to keep its entry level prices while delivering models with high-quality HDR performance that will bring you into a picture that makes you feel immersed in its imagery. 

New for 2018 is the inclusion of ATSC tuners (a plus for you cord-cutters as you will only need an HDTV antenna to pull in free over-the-air channels) and voice integration for both Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa. 

It has its share of problems so far, too, but from what we've seen Vizio's P-Series is shaping up to be the affordable, color-rich TV we need in 2018.


First off, it's worth noting that while we're covering the 65-inch Vizio P65-F1, the P-Series will also be available in 55- and 75-inch variations that range in price from  $899 to $2,499.

In terms of design, the P-Series has a newer, sleeker bezel-less appearance on three sides in that the top and sides of these TVs have thin borders that are flush with the glass. The bottom piece is somewhat larger, projects out slightly and is aluminum in color making for an attractive piece whether hung on the wall or placed on its feet.

In terms of smart TV functionality, you can expect an updated version of Vizio's SmartCast OS. Vizio is prioritizing the inclusion of free apps on its home screen as well as direct support for some of the most popular streaming sites such as:  Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and YouTube for immediate use out of the box.  Chromecast is built-in and a new universal search has been added for this year.    


As we mentioned earlier, this year's P-Series includes three types of HDR - HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG - to enhance images with better color; plus full array backlighting and up to 120 local dimming zones which aid in offering in deeper black levels.  

The number of local dimming zones have been reduced from the 2017 P-Series but peak brightness is achieved by increasing the number of nits from 600 to 1,000 which showed us brighter picture quality in our demo especially when comparing it side-by-side to the M-Series. 

Vizio's  John Hwang, Senior Director of Product Management, gave us a look inside its panels in a raw LED demo by removing its diffuser and prism sheets so that the raw LEDS were observable behind the glass (on all of its 2018 E, M, P and the flagship P-Series Quantum) enabling us to see how power is distributed to adjust the local dimming zones. The black levels and brightness performance was obvious from entry level to the top tier models.  Vizio is working with retailers on how to create this demo in-store for all of you to observe first hand.

Clear Action 720 is used to ensure that fast-action content gets an effective 240Hz refresh rate and all models come equipped with five HDMI 2.0 allowing easy direct connections for all of your 4K gaming or Blu-ray devices. 

Early verdict

The P-Series looks like it will be a great choice if you're after a TV that performs at an above-average level with great pricing. It has a number of top-shelf features with good black levels and only a few of the drawbacks like limited viewing angles.   

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OnePlus 6 will get a special Avengers: Infinity War edition

OnePlus 6 Avengers: Infinity War special edition

OnePlus is no stranger to movie tie-ins, having released a Star Wars edition of the OnePlus 5T, and now the company has confirmed that it's got something planned for another major upcoming movie release.

The OnePlus 6 will come in a limited edition model based on the upcoming movie Avengers: Infinity War. According to OnePlus, the collaboration is a result of OnePlus and Marvel coming together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Marvel Studios.

No other details of this special edition OnePlus 6 were revealed, probably because the regular OnePlus 6 hasn't been announced yet. Because the aforementioned Star Wars version of the OnePlus 5T was released in India, though, it's probably a safe bet that this Avengers OnePlus 6 will be sold in India, too.

With OnePlus kicking the OnePlus 6 hype machine into high gear recently and confirming some of its specs in the process, we could see an official debut soon. Stay tuned.

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